PILKE DROP Ohrstecker Birke Rot Silber

PILKE DROP Ohrstecker Birke Rot Silber

PILKE DROP Ohrstecker Birke Rot Silber

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Twinkle in the corner of your eyes and ears! This drop-shaped Pilke stud earring is one of Valonas most popular earrings. It is a graphic and bold tribute to the natural shape of a water drop.

The wooden part is made entirely of Finnish certified and sustainably sourced birch plywood, while the stud and stopper are sterling silver. The cranberry red brings a beautiful splash of colour to any outfit, for example at Christmas. The wood is hand-dyed red so that its fibres stand out beautifully from beneath the colour.

The stud earrings in the Pilke collection represent Valonas award-winning, ecological zero waste design, which aims to minimise production material waste already at the design stage. The drop-shaped Pilke stud earrings are a sister collection to Valonas Drop model.

The Pilke design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.


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