KORONA HOOP Ohrring Birke Schwarz, Silber

KORONA HOOP Ohrring Birke Schwarz, Silber

KORONA HOOP Ohrring Birke Schwarz, Silber

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The graphically distinct and elegant Korona hoop earring, named after the ring-like light phenomenon, is one of Valona’s most popular jewellery models. The design language is slightly retro, but at the same time timelessly stylish. The classic hoop suits different outfits and occasions, both festive and everyday. The hoop is simple but also impressive due to its size and graphic nature  this earring will not go unnoticed!

The hoop is made entirely of Finnish, responsibly produced birch plywood. The colour of the untreated birch accentuates the brightness of the natural wood. The stud and stopper parts are sterling silver. The earring fits comfortably directly against the ear due to its attachment method.

The Korona collection represents Valona’s ecological zero waste design principle, which aims to minimise production material loss already at the design stage. Korona jewellery is made from both rings and the round pieces inside them, like these earrings. These also result in the models of round earrings and the Korona necklace. The popular black Korona hoop earring has been awarded the FORM # 2018 design prize at the largest handicraft and design competition in Germany.

The Korona design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.







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