HIMMELI 3D Ohrring Birke Natur, Silber

HIMMELI 3D Ohrring Birke Natur, Silber

HIMMELI 3D Ohrring Birke Natur, Silber

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These enchanting 3D earrings are like caramels. Their three-dimensional shape is reminiscent of a Christmas tree decoration while their lace-like and delicate feel resembles a real crystal. However, wood crystal is a more ecological and lightweight alternative. The Crystals do not burden the environment nor strain the earlobes with their weight. The Crystals are narrow in shape, so they also fall beautifully from the ear. The colour of birch beautifully emphasises the lightness of natural wood. The Crystal 3D earrings are a lovely ecological gift for a loved one or to delight oneself.

The wooden part of the earrings is certified and responsibly sourced Finnish birch plywood. The wooden part consists of two thin laser-cut pieces that are threaded through each other. The hooks are made of sterling silver and come with silicone plugs. It is recommended to use the plugs with these very light earrings.

The earrings are packed in a beautiful box. The pieces are delicate, so the earrings are best stored in their box or hung from a jewellery rack. They are rather moisture resistant, but do not tolerate any flattening.

The Crystal design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.




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