Whiskey Willy

"However much alcohol he is served, Whiskey Willy is always the last man standing, with a clear mind and walking in perfectly straight lines. How does he do it? We wonder if he will ever shed light on this mystery. In the meanwhile, it’s a comforting thought that there is at least one person who keeps his head straight in those early mornings when all the rum is finished."


  • Trendiges, handgeflochtenes Herren-Armband von Pig and Hen
  • Geflochtenes Armband aus Schiffstauen  (10 mm Dicke)
  • Schäkel-Verschluss mit Logo-Gravur (4 mm Dicke)
  • Produkt wird in einer schönen passenden Box geliefert
  • Länge: Als Maß dient der Handgelenkumfang plus ca. 2 cm für den lockeren Fall. Beispiel: Handgelenk gemessen 18 cm plus 2 cm = 20 cm. Dies entspricht Größe L

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