HIMELI 2D Ohrring Birke Rot, Silber

HIMELI 2D Ohrring
Birke Rot, Silber
HIMELI 2D Ohrring
Birke Rot, Silber

HIMELI 2D Ohrring Birke Rot, Silber

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These earrings draw on the elegant shape of the Himmeli in a graceful way. The earrings are like two thin crystals that continue the tradition of the Himmeli, a Nordic straw mobile, with a modern touch. The two-dimensional earrings are feather-light and their untreated birch colour shines with the brilliance of beautiful, natural wood. These earrings suit a wide range of styles: from natural and subtle to more graphic and eye-catching.

The wooden part of the earrings is fully certified and sustainably sourced Finnish birch plywood. Their hooks are sterling silver and come with silicone plugs. The Himmeli earrings also pair beautifully with the Himmeli pendant. Also have a look at the slightly smaller and even more petite, three-dimensional Himmeli 3D earrings.

The Himmeli design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.




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