HALO mini Ohrhänger Rot Silber

HALO mini Ohrhänger

HALO mini Ohrhänger Rot Silber

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The Halo mini is one of Valona’s most popular earring designs for several reasons. These charmingly minimalist earrings work both with everyday styles and as simple party accessories. In addition to the small and delicate design language, they also have some quirkiness to them: the earrings move slightly with the head. The birch-coloured rings emphasise the lightness of natural wood in a particularly beautiful way. In addition, due to their light weight, the earrings are very comfortable to wear and do not strain the earlobes at all.

The wooden small rings are made entirely of Finnish certified birch plywood and the hooks are sterling silver. Silicone plugs are also included.

The rings in the Halo collection represent Valona’s award-winning zero waste design. The wooden rings are cut from inside of one another so that the amount of production waste material is kept to a minimum. In addition, other jewellery models from the Halo collection are made from the same parts. Halo collection won the Finnish handicraft novelty product competition in 2016 and the international FORM # 2018 design award in Frankfurt.

The Halo design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.






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