Natur, Braun, Blau

FLORANA TULIP Kette Natur, Braun, Blau

Natur, Braun, Blau

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Inspired by the delicate summer moonlight, Luna is one of Valona’s most classic collections. The clear and streamlined design language of the rings follows the contours of the full moon. The Luna pendant consists of five wooden rings that keep the feel of the jewellery very light and airy. The classic and minimalist colour of black suits close to any outfit. Thanks to its long chain, the pendant falls rather low, either above or below the chest. The necklace complements the rest of the Luna collection, and is thus a beautiful combination with Luna earrings of different lengths.

The wooden part of the jewellery is made entirely of Finnish, sustainably sourced birch plywood. The wood is hand-dyed black so that its fibres stand out beautifully from beneath the dark colour. The chain is nickel-free metal and its length is 72 cm. Luna is a sister collection to the Halo collection. Lunas are thus part of Valona’s zero waste collection, which aims to minimise material loss in production.

The Luna design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.







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